The Challenge

When new students arrive at Trinity College Dublin, they may not be familiar with the city and its accessibility challenges. The Graduate Student’s Union wanted to create an inclusive experience for all students, and recognized the importance of accessibility in achieving this goal.

The Process

To achieve this goal, Access Earth worked with the Graduate Student’s Union to develop and deliver an accessibility awareness workshop. The workshop focused on educating students about the importance of accessibility and inclusion, and provided them with the tools and knowledge to identify accessibility challenges in their surroundings.

Following the workshop, a team building “mapping event” was organized using Access Earth’s solution for collecting feedback on the accessibility of buildings. The event involved students working together to rate and provide feedback on various locations in Dublin city centre, including businesses, public spaces, and transportation hubs.

Access Earth team with mapping event participant in Dublin


The accessibility awareness workshop and mapping event organized by Access Earth and the Graduate Student’s Union at Trinity College Dublin was a resounding success. By providing new students with the tools and knowledge to identify and address accessibility challenges, the event helped to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. The feedback and commitments collected also contributed to improving accessibility in Dublin city centre, benefiting not just students but also the wider community.

Key Stats

  • Over 400 new places were rated in Dublin city centre

  • More than 50 students participated in the workshop and mapping event

  • Commitments were made by businesses to make changes to their buildings based on the feedback gathered