Mapping Events

An Access Earth mapping event is a private or publicly ran map-athon with the goal of rating as many businesses, restaurants, cafes and other locations for a given area through the Access Earth application.

The Access Earth application, available for both Android and iOS, allows participants to find and rate any business by answers a simple series of questions relating to the buildings accessibility. This data is then aggregated together with other users answers and is made freely available for everyone.

Image of a hand holding a mobile phone with the Access Earth app being displayed
Image of Access Earth team member speaking at a podium

Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Learn about how your business, community or governing body can be more inclusive and accessible by signing up for one of Access Earth’s informative partner led Workshops.

These workshops cover areas of focus that matter most to your organisation. From customer engagement techniques, to building layout and barriers to watch out for, Access Earth can help your team with the skills and mindsets required to be truly inclusive and welcoming.

Image of Access Earth building maintenance offering in a laptop frame

Facilities Management Dashboard

The Access Earth facilities management dashboard provides you with an interactive map for specified floors within your office building or place of work. This map can highlight accessible entrances/exits, accessible bathrooms, hand-sanitiser stations, temperature check-points, and any other customisable assets important to your business and customers.

The Access Earth facilities management dashboard can be used to recording instances as the occur in real time, integrate with existing reporting software and communicate to your staff and visitors about the status of key assets such as lift operations and restroom facilities.


City & Parking Analytics

The Access Earth City & Parking Analytics tool provides you with significant insights into your desired locations accessible landscape, helping inform your area’s next capital improvement plans, display important accessible or other relevant assets to the wider public, or to highlight and promote important community and social relevant locations and businesses to the rest of the country and encourage shopping and travel to the local area.

This Access Earth solution offers the flexibility and diversity of digital technologies for your area and your data sets of choice.

Image of accessible parking, a satellite and digital map

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